Planning a 4th of July party

4th of july

Are you planning a 4th of July party? Do you want it to be as memorable as the day the colonists won their freedom from England way back when? If that’s the case, then read on party planner and I’ll lay out in 7 steps how to throw an unforgettable party. You might also want to check out if you feel like things might get unorganized.

Step 1: Location

You would probably want to throw this party outside in the sunshine (if that is the weather forecast). Locations you could possibly think about would be outside of your house, at a park, or you could talk to a local swim club to see if you could throw it there. If it is going to rain, tell your guests to bring their suits and y’all could go play in the rain with water balloons, sprinklers, Slip ‘N Slides and maybe a bouncy house. You could also just keep it indoors, like in your house or a recreational hall if you choose to rent one out.

Step 2: Number of guests

The number of guests that you invite won’t be the number of guests that show up. When deciding on this number, make sure the location of your party will be big enough to fit everyone without them having to squeeze in like a can of sardines. That could lead to a situation where people start getting uncomfortable and then they would have an unpleasant time. No one wants that.

Step 3: Number of tables/chairs

After you have decided on the location, and number of guests, you need to figure out if you’ll need extra tables and chairs to set up outside or maybe under your party tents. When thinking about this number, I always found that it is better to get extra chairs and a couple extra tables. Like I mentioned before, the number of people you invite, might not be the same number of people that show up. If you don’t use all the chairs or tables it isn’t a big deal (unless you spent a lot of money renting those tables and chairs). If you don’t use them all, just store them out of sight so children don’t play on them and get hurt.

Step 4: Food

This step is very important to the party. You can’t go wrong with hamburgers and hotdogs. You might also want to ask some of your guests to bring some food that they would like, that way you know you’ll have enough food, and there are more options for your guests. Keep in mind though when you’re food shopping to include the preferences of your guests (i.e. vegetarians and allergies). If you wanted to mix it up, try making some food that your great-great-great relatives would have made when they came to America (If you know what your heritage is).

Step 5: Cooking/Table Supplies

This is a simple step once you figure out what you’re making. If you wanted to try and save money, dollar stores and super stores like Wal-Mart, Acme, Target, etc. sell this stuff for pretty cheap. If you decided to rent tables and chairs, then making a stop to a party store should be on the list. You should pick up plastic table covers and clips so your guests aren’t eating off of the table that has been exposed to more than you think. If you can, try and find cutlery, napkins, and plates that are red, white and blue; that will help with how your party looks when you put the decorations up.

Step 6: Beverages

This is another simple step when planning this party. Water, soda, juice and alcohol (for those of LEGAL age) are pretty good bets. A couple twenty-four cases of water will be fine, five or six boxes of juice pouches will work (get a variety if you can), soda cans come in smaller sizes now so seven or eight of those eight-packs will be perfect for the party. If you don’t want the smaller sodas then go with four or five cases of twelve, and remember to get a variety. Alcohol is tricky to plan for unless you know who will drink and who won’t. It would be better for you to pick up two or three 24/30 cases of beer and ask your guests if they are going to drink and if they could bring a couple twelve packs or a case of whatever they will drink. If you end up with extra you can put it away for yourself or see if guests could take some with them if you don’t drink.

Step 7: Decorations/Music

When buying decorations for the party, go red, white and blue. Buy streamers, signs, and flags if you really feel inclined to show your patriotism. Music is totally up to you, it adds to the atmosphere if you play the right music but is obviously completely optional.

There we are, those are 7 steps that you can follow when planning an Independence Day party. As I close this article I am inclined to say, if you are going to have alcohol at your party designate an area where people can go drink and maybe smoke cigars so they don’t disrupt the party for the people that don’t drink or smoke cigars. I also feel inclined to ask that you don’t let guests drink and drive, for their safety and the safety of others. Offer a bed, couch or floor to someone who doesn’t have a designated driver or a way of getting home.

Do you think these steps could be improved upon?

I would love to hear from you guys, maybe, just maybe we could have the steps written down to plan the PERFECT Independence Day party.

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