Fathers Day is coming, what is your plan?


When it comes to party planning do you struggle with what you need to do in order to have the best party? If so, than follow this simple step by step guide to party planning for your next Father’s Day celebration.

Step one – Plan the theme of your party. Your Father’s Day party planning should include a theme, such as sports, cars, games, movies, or anything he might be interested in, that can include the family.

Step two – Send out your invitations. Be sure and include friends of your father or husband and not just neighbors and friends by association. There is a difference and he will appreciate it.

Step three – Buy your party supplies. This includes decorations, snacks, drinks, cups, napkins, plates, and party favors if that is part of your theme. It could also include any food that you will be serving as well.

Step four – Pick up the cake if you have it ordered, or purchase one if you don’t.

Step five – Confirm the invitations. Some people will disagree with this, thinking that you already bought all the supplies. However the supplies you bought don’t all have to be used and can be stored for later use either by the family or an upcoming event.

Step six – Purchase and hide your gifts. Save this step towards the end unless you already had something ordered way in advance. You might find something that goes with the theme of your family celebrations this way.

Step seven – Getting Dad out of the house so you can set-up. This should be relatively easy unless he likes to lounge around the house on his special day. Even so, send him out to the store to pick up some “last minute” items for dinner that you forgot to pick up.

 Do you have other ideas or steps to add to your Father’s Day party planning? Please share your ideas.

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