How To Plan Your Kid’s Birthday Party At Home

How To Plan Your Kid's Birthday Party At Home

You don’t need a fancy venue or a big budget to throw a fun, memorable birthday party for your kid. What you need is planning, creativity, and a lot of energy. By the end of the party, it’s all worth it. Here’s how you can plan a fun birthday party at home.

  1.  Guest lists: Make sure you don’t have too many guests your home can host. Your home shouldn’t be too cramped up for kids to move around and have fun.
  2. Set the home: Move any furniture you can like the dining table set and coffee table. Don’t forget to tuck the TV set or anything valuable safely because kids are known to damage anything that comes in the way of their fun. Don’t forget to remove things – like fragile showpieces – that can possibly hurt the kids. If you have a carpeted area, consider covering it with a large play mat or a fancy rug that goes with the theme. Its the only way to protect your carpet and floor from damage.
  3. Decoration: You want to turn your home into a birthday venue and you should start from the door. Put up a birthday or a welcome board that is in line with the theme. All the walls and corners have to look celebrated but the most important side would be where you plan the cake cutting. Go beyond banners and use themed wall decoration kits to set up a background for the cake cutting photos or photo shoots. You can buy wall scene setters online, some of the favorites being Frozen, Toy Story, Hello Kitty, and Thomas The Train Engine.  Of course you can use the usual party decoration kits like banners, garlands, pom-poms, and lanterns to dress up the rest of the home. Let free a dozen inflated balloons on the floor to give away a party feel.
  4. Table setting: You don’t need tables and benches to seat your little guests while they enjoy their feast if you don’t have the space. Make a little seating area on the floor with a fancy rug. Kids really don’t care where they are sitting as long as they get cake and fries!
  5. Supplies: At home, your birthday party is not going to be only about disposable plates, cutlery, glasses, and napkins. The kids may want to use your bathroom, so make sure you are stocked up on toilet paper, hand soap, and hand towels. Your regular kitchen dustbins or dustbin bags aren’t going to be enough. Grab those big free moving boxes you can find on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace and turn them into dustbins for your party.
  6. Activities and Games: What are the kids going to do before and after the birthday song? You need to design birthday activities and games to engage the kids. You can never go wrong with pinatas especially if you want to drain the kids off their energy. Try this ice cream cone pinata. Go back to the classical games like Simon Says, Musical Chairs, Freeze Dance, Keep-Up-The-Balloon, and so on.

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