5 Scary Halloween Props You Must Have At Your Halloween Party

5 Scary Halloween Props You Must Have At Your Halloween Party

Props are the spirit of every Halloween party – actually any party. So if you want to take your Halloween party up a notch, here are 10 Halloween props you must buy for some fearful fun. Don’t forget that you can turn these into Halloween photo booths as well.

1. A Cocoon Corpse – It gives the creeps! You can hang it on your lawn or right up at the front door or just behind the door for a freaky shock, especially if you are throwing a Halloween party! Add an ambiance with this light hanging corpse in your yard – a perfect welcome for trick or treat for kids. with Here’s a list of Halloween corpse props you can buy online – 5 feet Mummy Corpse Figure, a bandaged mummy figurine, a cocoon corpse.

2. Mirror, Mirror On The Wall! – Imagine actually having a mirror that can haunt you. Well, you can find every spooky Halloween prop online including a creepy mirror in motion and makes sounds you don’t want to hear.

3. Eyeballs Watching You – Halloween isn’t just about being scary but also about getting an ‘ewwww’ reaction. Buy a ripped out eyeball and put it somewhere that would totally disgust the trick-and-treat party. You can even buy the glow-in-the-dark version because that’s the real Halloween time!

4. Blood All Over – If you take Halloween seriously and want to turn it into a horror movie, then a bloodied, severed body is exactly what you need. Take a look at this bloody body part prop you can buy online for just $20. For a less graphic prop, you can opt for this head in a jar.

5. The Halloween Garland: A simple decoration it is but no less scary. A garland with bloodied weapons can give you the idea of gory things it did – or could do. You can buy a 12-piece bloodied weapons garland here for just $8.

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