5 Popular Halloween Costumes For Girls

5 Popular Halloween Costumes For Girls

Halloween costumes for girls are beyond being princesses and fairies. You can lead your little girls to explore a world of different costumes they can try this year. Here are 5 Halloween costumes that are perfect deviation from the usual ones.

1. Peacock costume: Girls love grace and to be dressed as the most graceful bird on the planet is a win in the Halloween parade. With it’s bright colors, shine, and feathers, the peacock costume gives a delicate look girls can show off.

2. Funky colorful costume: Skeletons don’t have to be scary or dark. They can be colorful and cute with a tu-tu. With all neon colors displayed on the outfit, the funky bones costume is quite a trendy choice.

3. Polka Dot Monster: Thanks to the many animated movies, we now know monsters are not necessarily ugly. In pretty girly colors of pink and purple with hood, mitts, and boot covers, this costume is going to make your girl the prettiest monster in town.

4. Unicorn Costume: For some reason, the mythical unicorn has become an all-time favorite among girls whether it’s birthday themes or Halloween costume. While there are many others, this costume beats everything with a perfect colorful mane, horn, and hoofs-like boot covers. The tu-tu makes it all undoubtedly magical.

5. Haunted Beauty Child: If your girl is truly into the haunted spirit of Halloween, you have ask her to try the haunted beauty child costume. The costume has a mesh veil, shrugs, hood, and a chain! She can surely give her folks a scare.  

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