Pro Party Planner App Review by Popular Science

Pro Party Planner App Review by Popular Science

Popular Science – the renowned American magazine covering topics around science and technology – reviewed the Pro Party Planner app early this year and listed it as one of the ‘Seven event-planning apps to bring people together‘. Download the app or e-mail us for a free trial. Here is what they have to say:

For a more comprehensive app, best suited to big get-togethers with a lot of moving parts, you can try Pro Party Planner (for iOS only). Once you pay the required $5 access fee, you get a tool that keeps lists of attendees, tracks whether people have paid up (if you’re charging for admission), and stores where everyone should sit. For another $1 a year (free for your first six months of usage), the app will sync across devices and let you collaborate with others as you plan.

When you create an event with this app, you go through a succession of screens that walk you through ordering the food and drinks and organizing the entertainment, such as DJs or singers, in good time. You can also take advantage of a budget section that divvies up your budget and figures out where your money is going. Pro Party Planner might be worth the investment for more complex parties.

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