How To Plan Party Menu

How To Plan Party Menu

Planning party menus are just as challenging as planning party entertainment. Party menus are influenced by several factors like themes, season, budget, occasions, dietary preferences, age of guests, and so on. To top the challenge, we constantly look for creative food ideas that are also simple to make and convenient to serve and eat. Presentation is important but what’s more important is serving the right food. Here’s how you can plan the perfect party menu.

1. Season: Plan your party food around the season. Your summer menu can include strawberry lemonade, cold pasta salads, grilled chicken, and citrus fruit bowls. Some winter party food ideas can include roast chicken, hot soups or chowder, and steamed and seasoned vegetables. Don’t forget to keep your coffee machine running!

2. Main course: You can focus on every party of the menu but the main course is the star of the table. Before you start planning your party menu, think of the viable food ideas for main course. If you are serving roast chicken accompanied with flavored rice dishes or bread baskets, then consider appetizers that will compliment it. Some party appetizers are canapes, bread sticks and tossed salad with dressings or dips. Keep the dessert light because its quite unlikely your guests would binge on dessert after a heavy meal. Consider small jar cheese cakes, pudding, trifle of custard.

3.  Age and Dietary Preferences of Guests: The big questions is – how many kids are going to be there at your party? Planning a party menu for kids is essential because hungry kids are cranky kids. Spread out a range of all-time kids favorite dishes – pizza and tortilla pinwheels, mac and cheese, creamy corn on the cob, apple pies and fruity beverages. Be mindful of dietary preferences. Find out whether your guests observe gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, or allergen-free diets.

4. Go For Some Effortless Options: Invest your time and effort in the main course and one or two appetizers. You can opt for readily available party pack nachos like the Tostitos! party pack of tortilla scoops and dips. You can also offer your guests a variety of flavored dips you can buy online.  You can skip stirring drinks and serve fruit juices easily available.


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