Party Game Twists: Play Retro Games to Amuse Guests

Young or old, your guests are sure to enjoy these classic games.

If you and your friends host parties a lot, you’re bound to reach that point where you just think to yourself that, “It’s all been done.” Original party ideas can become quite scarce after the first few parties you host. Guests will eventually tire of costume parties and murder mysteries, but luckily, a great party game can easily boost spirits and bring life to the crowd.

As with many other things, the classics will always be a great source of inspiration for party games. Here are a few twists on classic games that can turn any party into the talk of the town:

Hole in the Wall

If you’ve got a lot of room and a bit of time to organize, consider playing this great, entertaining game which puts an outrageous twist to the classic game of Tetris. It was popularized by the Japanese game show Brain Wall, which has subsequently made it into Time’s Top 10 Game Show Moments. The object of the game is simple: players need to fit themselves through a hole in a wall that’s bent in different shapes.

To make a home version of this game, cut out holes of increasing difficulty in a big sheet of thin paper like Manila paper. During the party, ask another guest to help you hold out the sheets of paper as each guest scrambles to fit through the holes you’ve cut for them. If any of the guests tear through the paper, they’re out of the game. Just make sure to ask your guests to dress up in the most comfortable clothes they can find!


We won’t blame you if you’re skeptical of bingo’s potential to be a great party game – after all, who plays bingo other than bored grandmothers? Well, in the UK, the game is still a fad, and it’s actually quite widely-accepted!

Having a bingo party is not a novel idea; even Hollywood actress Catherine Zeta-Jones hosts some for family and friends during Christmas. Bingo’s been making a comeback, trying to appeal to the party-going crowd. Just last week, Cheeky Bingo went on Twitter to talk to its fans about the most fabulous celebrities at the Brit Awards. It looks like bingo is both in fashion, and totally hipster. There are so many variations of bingo available, and the game can be customized to fit the theme of your party quite well.


Heads Up Charades

Everyone knows what charades is, and it’s probably one of those games that’s been used so much that people have developed a subconscious aversion to it. It gets quite tedious after a while, but Heads Up Charades changes the mechanics of the game.

The app is available for free on both Google Play and the iTunes Store, so party hosts can just download the app and be ready for hours of fun. Players are given choices of different categories, from Today’s Hits to Fairytales and Celebrities, and each category comes with instructions on which words are taboo, and the kind of clues players are allowed to give. The biggest twist? The It is the one trying to guess what the word is, and the crowd is supposed to help him!


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