How To Plan The Ultimate Party!

How To Plan The Ultimate Party!

Nobody knows stress like a first-time hostess: whether you’re planning your 30th, a friend’s Hens or the ultimate engagement party, pulling together a successful (and memorable) event tends to put the pressure on. But with careful planning and an eye for current trends, hosting a big party can be a pain-free process. This is how.

1. The Venue

The success of your event depends largely on the venue, so it’s crucial you get this right. Consider what the venue can offer and how will it make your party special and memorable. Make sure you also consider transport options especially concerning parking and cab frequency. It will be thoughtful to host at a venue that is within reach.

2. The Menu: Two words: custom cocktails. From a never-before-tasted take on the ubiquitous Aperol spritz to a bespoke sip that means something to you or the birthday girl, custom cocktails give a party a certain special flair. Look for a venue with a unique cocktail list, and make sure the drinks are flowing all night. As for the food, ensure canapes are bite-sized and readily available. Make sure you have a plethora of options to offer your guests.

3. The atmosphere: A fun event has something for everyone. Keep your party interactive with photo booths, dancing areas, and a lounge for those that want to relax. Music is key and if it’s live, you have nailed it. Check if your venue has an adequate dance floor and has any music restrictions before you lock it in.


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