How To Host The Perfect Friendsgiving Party

How To Host The Perfect Friendsgiving Party

It’s not always possible to fly home to celebrate the Thanksgiving tradition with your family. That doesn’t mean you have to be cooped up at home, watching TV, and binging on pizza. Friendsgiving is the millennial version of Thanksgiving colored in fun, frolic, even buffoonery – a Thanksgiving-like party celebrated with friends. The idea of Friendsgiving is growing as a tradition with fresh, new spins. While the underlying ideas is that same as Thanksgiving’s, it has a distinct identity. After all, friends are people who make you laugh loudest.

Here are 4 ways to host a successful Friendsgiving

  1. Make It A Potluck: Friends are partners in everything. At Friendsgiving, make them partners in laying down a sumptuous spread. Ask everyone to bring in whatever they can. If they aren’t really up for whipping something for dinner, ask them to buy something from the market – something special though. As the host, you should attempt to prepare the main course. Make sure you balance the food your friends are bringing in. If you don’t, you might have 6 desserts and 1 appetizer.
  2. Game Night: Silly laughs are healthy, especially in holiday season. Plan a few games to get your Friendsgiving party rolling. After all, it isn’t just any weekend gathering. There are quite a few Friendsgiving-themed games you can find like the Conversation Ice Breaker Cards and the Drink If Game. A Friendsgiving photobooth is another way to get them all busy. Even some funny Friendsgiving photo props can add life to your party.    
  3. Decoration and Tableware: You don’t have to go overboard for decorations but you should create a celebratory ambiance. A unique take would be to print some of the favorite photos from yesteryears and hang them across a wall on string lights. Imagine a 20 feet long string lights with photos of your friends lighting up a wall. Every photo has a story and every friend will have a memorable tale to tell. You can keep your tableware simple but try to keep it in line with the theme. There is an entire Friendsgiving party supply and Friendsgiving party cups you can find online.
  4. Play The Right Music: Keep the vibe of the party going with a good background music playlist. Start when your guests start arriving. Keep it subtle and low to avoid the music dominate the conversations. It’s a party to catch up after all. Light, feel-good and vintage kind of tunes that represent some holiday spirit would be ideal. You can ask one of your friends to play up the music. Everyone has at least one friend who is a master of music.

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