7 Scary Halloween Party Decorations

7 Scary Halloween Party Decorations

Halloween is nearing fast! It’s that time of the year when you can be spooky and scary guiltlessly. Decorating a halloween party is challenging  since everyone expects and are prepared for creepy tricks. So, if you want to petrify your guests, you can go an extra mile with our shortlisted sinister Halloween decoration ideas for teenagers and adults.

  1. Don’t table your food! Dramatize it even if it ruins the appetite of your guests. If a guest steps back and exclaims an ‘ewww’ – that’s a compliment! You can use mannequins, graphics, or wear a freaky server costume. 
  2. Witch is the most common costume and Halloween party accessory. But if you place it right, the witch can give an unforgivably terrifying welcome! It’s right here!3. Clowns can be funny and freaky. The Halloween clown doesn’t juggle or does silly acts to make kids laugh. The Horror Clown laughs to horrify with it’s bloody red mouth and I-am-gonna-get-you stare. Here’s the creator of this look!4. Why not scare people passing by your yard? Creative Halloween decorations should create a ‘haunted’ effect. Turn your entrance or lawns into a dead man’s zone! Some folks here have actually tried it! 5. Zombies are arguably the ugliest of all Halloween decorations and are fancied to be true, thanks to all the zombie movies.  Imagine how you would feel if a zombie crawls towards you? They can probably take your Halloween party up a notch. Check it out here.6. Dead girl turned ghost! And her skeleton is crying! This kind of decoration mimics the horror movies of an abandoned house spooked by the ghosts of it’s dead owners! 7. Well, babies are chubby, happy little beings. But it’s your Halloween party and anything horrifying is justified and the most impacting decoration is everything that is turned from cute to creepy.









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