5 Skills To Be A Succesful Event Planner

5 Skills To Be A Succesful Event Planner

Being an event planner is exciting and challenging. An event planner is always on the move – planning, managing, executing, monitoring. Like every dynamic profession, event planners must have certain skills and qualities to succeed, whether they are freelance consultants, work for an event planning company, or are a part of a corporate organization’s team.

  1. Highly Organized – A routine day of an event planner who is, for example, planning an event includes visiting and shortlisting potential venues, fishing and negotiating with food vendors, hiring volunteers, brainstorming creative activities and decorations, assigning tasks and monitoring the assignees, issuing guest lists and invitations, and draw up a list of VIPs. An event planner is a multi-tasker everyday, which is why being organized is essential. No task can be overlooked or missed because the event can turn into a mishap. An important element to effectively organize the event is time management. Procrastination is an enemy. An event planner should allot the right amount of time for every activity.  
  2. Social Networker – Event planners have to network to field clients and social networking – both online and actual channels. Social networking is key to boost business. The typical way to spread before the age of social media was to place business cards on tables or counters for guests to pick, in case they like the way the event was organized. That strategy works even today. An event planner also keeps an eye on local medium and large scale businesses who is most likely to have at least one or two events in the year. By shortlisting potential clients and contacting them through e-mails or brochures, event planners make their presence felt. and Yelp are relevant networking apps that can boost business. Meetup let’s you choose relevant groups you want to meet to improve your contact lists and reviews on Yelp are reassuring to potential clients. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter are only to maintain the business’s attractive online presence.         
  3. Effective Communicator – An event planner should have the knack of ‘convincing communication’. Communication is convincing when results are positive and the participants are convinced that they are benefitting – whether it’s with the vendors, staff, or clients. Effective communication includes listening, comprehending, and talking in an appropriate manner. It’s crucial that an event planner listens and understands the objectives of the people involved before discussing plans and ideas or even negotiating. Misunderstanding can cause irreparable havoc and push an event planner’s reputation downhill. Negotiations can be the most awkward conversations but they can be skillfully handled with effective communication. Voice your strategies in a manner that is compelling and reassures people that their perspectives are understood.     
  4. Artistic and Creative – There is no end to creativity expressed in every aspect of an event. Photoshoots, stage setting, seating arrangements, food presentation, decorations, invites, favors – the list is endless. People are eager for their event to be be remembered and stand out from the rest. This is especially applicable to weddings. Event planners have to be artistic and creative to race ahead of competitors. They have to constantly brainstorm ideas and look for inspirations. The most convenient approach nowadays is to Google everything. While a lot of ideas listed online are impressive, an original idea can set a trend. Clients – their characters and personalities – can lead an event planner’s creativity.    
  5. Technologically Skillful – From home automation to managing homework, there is an app for everything. Event planning apps are more efficient than making notes and checklists in diaries. The Pro Party Planner App is an example. It helps manage everything – guest lists, RSVPs, seating arrangements, budgets, volunteers and staff, and contacts. As a simpler approach, event planners use basic smartphone features like reminders, voice commands, creating excel sheets, emails, and so on. However, tech-savvy event planner willing to try apps to be more efficient succeeds to stay afloat.


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