5 Interesting Birthday Gift Ideas For Kids

5 Interesting Birthday Gift Ideas For Kids

The first thought that cross your mind when you receive a birthday invitation is buying a gift. Children today are not fascinated by the usual conventional toys. Brainstorming gift ideas for children that they would love can be quite a dilemma, especially if the hosts are close to you. Here are a few gift ideas that are sure to impress kids – both boys and girls.

1. Telescope: Yes! A telescope is bound to seize interests of kids. Imagine telling them that they can see the moon and stars closely! Telescopes can last forever, are the most interesting educational gift, come in different sizes, in the most affordable prices, and for different ages.  Here are a few telescopes you can consider as a birthday gift.

2. Lego: Lego has created sets for everyone at every age. Right from the age of 3, you can consider Lego sets as gifts especially if the birthday child has a favorite character. Lego’s Duplo range is built specifically for toddlers between the age of 2 to 5 years. Some of the adorable Lego Duplo sets for toddler girls is the Minnie Mouse kit, Princess Sofia, Princess Belle; the Lego Duplo range for boys has fire truck building set, McQueen building kit. Lego Junior is for kids from 4 years to 7 years. For a birthday child who is over 12, the most interesting Lego set will be building helicopters and trailers like this one.

3. Kids Play Tents and Ball Pits For Toddlers: Gift the birthday child his or her own personal, cozy play zone. You can choose to buy the simple castle-like tents for girls and tunnel pirate playhouse for boys or you can choose to take it up a notch with LED lights playhouses.  There is a variety of indoor ball pits for both girls and boys.

4. Educational Kits: These are not as boring as they sound. Science kits are designed creatively to intrigue kids and compel them to participate. The creative terrarium kit is a perfect gift since it’s a combination of both science and nature.  The mini lab microscope will be the child’s first peek into the world of laboratories and, for all you know, it might take him or her in that direction.

5. Paint, Write, Draw: An easel, paintbrush, and painting parchment give children a field to show off their creativity and flair for art. The 2-in-one sets with both boards and paper are ideal for all ages. Invest a little more for older kids with deluxe standing easel that can be used with chalks and markers.

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