10 Tips To Plan A Halloween Party For Kids

10 Tips To Plan A Halloween Party For Kids

1. Make creative invitations: The way you announce the “what, when, and where” can make the difference between a full house and one that seems like a ghost town. Pique interest with a clever invitation, and then follow up with an equally crafty take-home bag or trinket. In other words, begin and end on a high note!

2. Halloween Party Games For Kids: There has to be more on your plate to engage the kids than a costume parade or contest. Introduce some Halloween-themed games and decor like Halloween bean bags toss game, Halloween bingo card game, and Halloween dart board game.

3. Party Timings: Possibly the most important Halloween party tip of all: Determine how long your bash should last before the day of the party. For younger kids, an hour or two will be plenty. Older kids might be able to persuade you to stretch it into a sleepover. Either way, make sure the invitation states the time parents can pick up their kids.

4. Decorate Well – Cast a spell on your home with handmade Halloween party decorations that will be the life of the party. Set aside a weekend afternoon to craft a few goodies and have the kids lend a hand. If you’re in a hurry, you can buy some Halloween decorations online like a 1000 sq ft fake spider web or an entire pack of Halloween party decoration.

5. Music: If you lack ghosts in your house to provide spooky background noises, buy a CD of eerie and Halloween-appropriate tunes or compile your own from an online store. With the right background music, your decorations will seem to come to life. You can try “Monster Mash,” “Halloween Hits for Little Monsters,” and “Terrifying Halloween Sound Effects” to get the party started. Set Halloween games to music, or use music to set the tone when guests arrive.

6. Halloween-themed snacks: With minimal effort, ordinary munchies and sweets become extra-special treats. Just make sure you check ahead for food allergies and other dietary concerns. We know Halloween is synonymous with “candy,” so have some fun with your dessert options. But that sugar crash? It’s no treat, and it’s no trick to avoid, either. Make sure your Halloween party food includes some healthy offerings so you don’t send little guests home on a sugar high. Sneak some healthy foods into a Halloween trail mix, or add spook appeal with scary-good treats to entice tykes to take a bite.

7. Organize The Parade: Let every child come forth and act or talk according to their costume. For kids, Halloween costume is all about showing off. Play some music, line up the monsters, super heroes, and princesses and give them the stage!

8. Photo booths: Photo props complete every fun party. Buy packs of Halloween-themed photo props online that are suitable for all ages like this pack of 27 pieces, or this pack with Halloween backdrop and props.

9. Favor Bags: It’s not a birthday but it is a party for kids. Prepare favor bags with nothing but candy because kids don’t want anything else. Halloween is actually a festival of candies! You can buy these cute drawstring goodie bags and stuff it with Halloween caramel chocolates and spooky milk chocolates from Hershey’s.

10. Hidden Surprises: Hide spooky tricks and traps on different corners of your home to scare little explorers. For example, you can place this large spider with LED eyes behind the bathroom door or hang this giant ghost in your bedroom or patio to let your guests know you were serious about your Halloween party.



inspired by article published in Better Homes and Gardens

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