The baby is coming, is the party ready?

Each time you are in party planning mode you get frustrated by everything that needs to be done and all struggles with bringing it all together. Does this sound like you? When you are baby shower planning there are some simple steps that you can follow to keep you focus and less frustrated. Party planning should be a fun thing to do as you are bringing joy to another person and in the case of baby shower planning you are helping more than one person. Follow this simple step by step guide for your baby shower.

Step One – Check the due date with mommy.
Don’t plan a baby shower too close to the due date in case of premature labor. Generally in the late 7th month to 8th month is good.

Step Two – Send out the invitations and gift registry. If the expectant mother doesn’t have a registry, create one for them in multiple retailers or include a list of items that are needed. Receiving 4 baby baths and no diapers can be quite frustrating for the expectant parents.

Step Three – Plan the party games. There are many different baby shower games such as pins or clips given to each person and they lose their if they say a certain phrase or word.

Step Four – Gifts for the guests and the winners of the party games add to the excitement and festivity of the baby shower.

Step Five – Coordinate a large gift, either among the friends and family that were invited or possible co workers. Something likes a crib, bassinet, or stroller. It doesn’t have to be expensive but it will stick out and need to be kept secret and hidden.

Step Six – Confirm the invitations so you can see how many people will be showing up at the party. This will help with prizes for the party guests on games.

Step Seven – Purchase the food and snacks, keeping mommy and her limitations in mind.

Each baby shower can be quite different, and you learn from each one that you go to. What are some of the games you have played or hosted at a baby shower?

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