Pro Holiday Planner Released!

Are you planning a party this holiday season for friends and family? Wondering how you’re going to get everything in order and keep it in order? Our Team knows the headaches that can come with planning an event of this nature. That’s why we developed the first of its kind application for your Ipad or Iphone, Pro Holiday Planner, which will help you keep track of all the important tasks that go in to making your party as perfect and memorable as possible.

The app will allow you to create seating charts, design table maps, add, remove or rearrange guests seating assignments all with the drag of a finger across your screen. You can even use the augmented reality feature to see what your seating plan and decoration would look like. Furthermore this app has made it easy to export data to a Google spread sheet or print PDF reports. Say you need some help with all of the planning and you want to delegate someone in charge of a specific task. You can do that while still keeping track of which tasks have been completed to help keep your mind at ease and your schedule on track. You can even set reminders to ensure that those assisting you with the party don’t forget about the task that they have been given.

You can also manage all of your guests, see who has been invited and who has RSVP’d all in one place. If your guests are on Facebook, it’s even easier! This app will allow you to communicate easily and keep everyone up to date on any recent changes relating to the event. Plan your Christmas and New Years Eve parties at the same time on this one easy to use app.

We thought of everything you might need to make sure that your holiday parties are the best they can be leaving no details out. Get the Pro Holiday Planner application and ensure that your Christmas or New Years Eve party is remembered until next year when it’s time to do it again.

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