Planning the Perfect Menu for Your Party Needs!

When you are planning a party, whether it is for a birthday, or a holiday, the menu you are planning to prepare can stress you out! It is a huge responsibility to make food that fits everyone’s tastes, and still manage to keep it simple and within a budget. Ask yourself,  what is the main thing that will make this entire process easier? Planning! Here are some simple planning tips that will ensure that you make a great assortment of foods when planning your party menu, and be stress free in the end!

Tip # 1 – Use what you know!
The best way to make a menu when planning your party menu is to use recipes that you know. This eliminates the stress of making something new and it not turning out right. These are also things that you have most likely prepared for your guest before, so you are ensured that it will go over well!

Tip # 2- Keep it Simple
Instead of trying to wow the crowd with expensive lavish treats, make things that everyone likes! Homemade comfort foods are often the foods that have the biggest hits with the crowd, and it doesn’t give the appearance of trying too hard to impress. You know what you like, stick to those types of items.

Tip # 3 – Don’t try to be perfect
The first instinct after grocery shopping is to put all the items away. Which you may like the tidy look, this can also cause you to misplace items, or forget to make a dish altogether! Out of sight, out of mind sticks very true here. If items are left in plain sight, they are more accessible and easier to assemble as well when planning your party menu!

Tip # 4 – Prepare for the end
Leftovers. This is inevitable. Make sure that you have enough storage wraps and containers to place all of these items in. Also buy some heavy duty plates and foil, as this is a great way to send some of those leftover dishes out the door when guests are leaving.

Tip # 5 – Prioritize!!
Know what dishes will take the longest to coo, and prepare them first. Save the simple, quicker items for last. Also take into consideration your oven space, so that you have ample room for everything to cook in time. You can also make some of the items that have a longer shelf life the day before, freeing up some time the day of to relax.

Tip # 6 – Twice as much!
When you know that a certain dish is going to be questionable on the amount available for everyone, save the worry and make double the batch. This ensures that there will be enough to go around, and maybe some yummy leftovers for later!

Tip # 7 – Let the Food do the Talking!
Instead of worrying about being the perfect hostess, be satisfied that the great meal that you are preparing will be enough to keep the guests happy until you find some time to mingle. Don’t stretch yourself too thin, do things at your own pace.

This simple list of tips will be enough to help you have more ease of mind when planning your party menu, and make it the most enjoyable experience for all. Don’t forget to take time to enjoy yourself, and also ask for help if needed. Most guests will be happy to lend a helping hand. Happy Planning!

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