Making Your Home Sparkle for the Holidays!

This is truly a magical time of the year! Snow is falling, dinners are plentiful, and holidays are right around the corner. Families love decorating the house together, putting up the tree together in a tradition that brings everyone together. But that shine and festivity that is given all over the home isn’t restricted to just there. There are many wonderful things that you can do to decorate the outside of the home as well! This will make the home stand out among others in the neighbourhood, as well as make all that come to visit feel warmly welcome in this holiday season. But where should you start? Although it may seem tricky, it is actually quite simple to use Christmas decorations incorporated with some outdoor ideas. Here are ten simple suggestions to get you started.


A wreath on the door is the easiest way to begin. These can be bought at the store premade and are often quite inexpensive and pretty. These can also be made at home with some pine that you may have trimmed off the tree. Simply use twine to shape it into a circle, and add some pretty lights and ribbons to finish off the look!



This step is very simple! You can place strings of lights around window frames to accent the windows, and to draw attention to that magnificent tree inside! You can also string lights along the frame of the house, making it really stand out at night. Added perk, it compliments well with falling snow and looks beautiful!



Simply beautiful at night, this is an inexpensive way to decorate as well. Gather some glass cases, and get some cheap durable candles. Place these along the walkway and light the candles at night. To make this more festive, you can decorate the outsides of the vases, placing some holly or fake berries along the sides to make it stand out even more.


Blow Ups

It is quite popular today to have fan blown figures in the yard. These can be found in almost every seasonal figure you want, some of the more popular being Disney and the traditional Santa. These can be a bit pricey, but are very durable and will last for many years to come.



For those who have pillars and columns in their walkway coming inside, wrap these with some sparkly garland and lights! This accents the house and creates a warm entrance for you and your family, as well as visitors!


Ceramic Urns

Most homes have ceramic urns on either side of the door when walking in, which are great for planting in the summer. For this Holiday season, utilize those and place some poinsettias inside! This is the plant of the season and the bright red color will stand out among the snow well!


Bushes and Shrubs

Although luscious and green during the warm seasons, these plants can look bare and dull during the winter. To make them look great, string some lights inside, and decorate them with Christmas tree bulbs in a solid uniform color. Not only will they look like miniature trees, the solid color of the ornaments look classic and elegant.


Welcome Mat

This step is very simple! Simply purchase a new festive welcome mat to replace the existing one during this holiday time. Always a great “welcome” coming into the home and functional as it doubles to help eliminate snow from making its way into the home as well.

Twig Stakes

This simple outdoor idea is sold in craft stores year round. Find some twig stakes that have bright red berries resembling holly, and place them strategically in the yard. This Christmas decoration will help break up the snow and add color and cheer!



This is an outdoor idea that can be made from items already in the home. Take those old lanterns out of the closet and spruce them up by placing some pine cones inside. This makes an instant Christmas decoration! Just hang them from the hooks on the porch and light them at night!


This is just the beginning of all of the wonderful ideas you can use to have Christmas decorations used as outdoor ideas to decorate. These are all quite cost friendly as well! Take these beginning steps to make your home more festive and be the highlight of the neighbourhood!

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