Great Party Favor Ideas For Halloween

Many people are gearing up for the Halloween season, so they will be interested in adding some party favor ideas to their repertoire. This can be the perfect way to get people excited about the holiday and eager to head to your place for some of these treats. You may want to think about whether you can make some of these party favors at home. You can read through for a number of different Halloween ideas and party ideas that can help make your event stand out.

1.Spirit Jugs

These are simple to make, but they can be a fun way to incorporate ghosts in to your Halloween decor. The jugs can also be filled with candy for an extra special addition to any party.


2.Pumpkin Candy Box

 halloween-familyfun-treat-box-printable-photo-432-fs-IMG_0367If you take the time to create these customized boxes, you will definitely impress your guests. You can then opt to include just about any different kind of candy inside of them.













3. Yummy Mummy


These can be made with just a bit of gauze and other decorations, but they can be stuffed with many different types of party favors.











4. Flowerpot Pumpkins


Think about adding these Halloween ideas to the exterior of your home sometime before the party gets started inside.












5. Origami Bats

origami-bats-halloween-craft-photo-420-FF1007EFFA01You can make these cool party favors quickly and easily, since they take little time at all.











The Halloween season presents a number of top opportunities to help people get creative. It can just be fun to make up some of these different party favors and Halloween ideas. Do you have an idea of your own that you would like to share?

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