Buy Christmas Trees On Amazon This Year – Live and Look-Alike!

Buy Christmas Trees On Amazon This Year - Live and Look-Alike!

It’s true! Amazon is selling and delivering live, tall Christmas trees this year. The online retailer has a wide range of Christmas trees you can choose from. What’s more – you can now find a wide range of other floral decorations like wreathes on Amazon as well. The live trees are expected to be available early November. Till then, here is a list of artificial Christmas trees available right now.


1. Eco-friendly 6ft Aspen Fir Christmas Tree: The tree is available in 3 sizes – 4.5 ft, 6 ft, and 7.5 ft. The tree is made of recycled, non-toxic plastic so buying this tree for Christmas this year reflects a positive message – go green.

2. Artificial Spruce 7 ft Christmas Tree: Spruce trees are a common favorite as Christmas trees because they are large, evergreen trees that can easily bear the winter. Choosing artificial spruce trees has it’s pros – it’s not messy, easy to assemble, maintain, and store for the next Christmas. You can also opt for the 9ft artificial spruce tree if you have a bigger area.

3. Fir Pencil 7 ft tall Christmas Tree: The pencil tree is perfect to fit in small spaces and tight corners.  Another choice is the pre-lit fir pencil tree that 30 certified lights. So the only thing you have to worry about are the decorations.

4. Carolina Pine Tree 7.5 ft tall Christmas Tree: A full, fluffy pine tree with around 750 lights can bring your entire home to life. As an add-on, this pack includes spare bulbs and fuses. Another option is the 6ft artificial pine tree that is not overpowering and look as natural as a real one.

5. Snowy 8 ft Pine Christmas Tree: You don’t always have to go with the green ones. Your Christmas tree can reflect the snowfall season – an illusion that snow flakes have settled on your tree. Decorate it and light it up to bring the Christmas charm. Other options are the 8ft tall and slim snowy Christmas tree and 4.7 ft flocked snow Christmas tree with LED lights

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