5 Principles To Make Your Event A Successful One


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Many factors may make or break your event. When planning an event, is important pay attention to all details and make sure that you stay on top of things for the event to really be successful. Here we have listed 5 key principles to ensure you plan a memorable event.

First, make sure that you plan every single detail. You should plan for the best, worst, and expected scenes. When you do this you end up having all your bases covered. You have backup plans to help you with your problems and you also do not need to panic because you’ve planned that well. You need to make sure that you look at everything. What’s the worst that can happen? Always plan for the worst, because you never know.

Secondly, while you are planning, make sure that you stay organized. The worst thing that you can do is throw all your beautiful plans in one big pile and expect to find things at last minute or lose vital information. To stay organized you need to keep all to do´s at hand and delegate them effectively. For this, you may use a flexible event planning guide such as Pro Party Planner which will help you sync with your other devices, share the files and delegate to your team with just a click.

When you keep things in the computer or on your Iphone/ipad you know exactly where everything is and what you need to do at all times. If you are one of those that still use hundreds of papers and binders to keep track of things, you may risk investing too much time in staying organized and finding the right papers. After all, when you bind the papers you are more likely to lose all the information in some accident. Act smartly.

To start the party off on the right foot, you need to make sure that you pick the right venue, theme, and everything else. When it comes to the right venue, you need to make sure that all your guests can come to the place easily and that it is appropriate for the event. You don’t want to have a ball at a hunting lodge, or maybe you do, it just depends on what you want the night to say. Right from the start you can have a perfect event by selecting the perfect place to hold the event. Once you have picked out your location you can then begin to plan the event.

Diving in to the nuts and bolts, the first thing that you need to plan when it comes to the event is the theme, do not be afraid of being creative. You may use the theme to help coordinate all the other details of such as the decoration, music, food, invitations,etc. therefore it is crucial. Once you have the theme you can then think about the party or event.

There are two important factors of every event: the food and drinks. Make sure that you have a contract with caters in the area to ensure that your party or event ends splendidly and if the budget is too small for external caters, make sure to prepare all the food well in advanced. This way you prevent having too much stress the day of the event. Once you have the food and drinks planned you can move onto entertainment. You will want something that will keep your guests entertained and be educational and fun. You can have a band or singer to help entertain. If you are a charity, you should make sure that you inform your audience about the cause and the importance of their help, most of all, donations.

To help you with everything you need to have good vendors. Vendors are what make the party. You should always be kind to your suppliers because you never know when you will need them the most. Don’t be surprised if mistreated vendors breech contract and not even show up. You’ll look ridiculous not having a dinner minutes before the dinner.

Finally, you should think about how you can do all of this and still keep your cool. You may want to hire an assistant or have someone help you with all the do to lists. You should at give people a try and be open to use great technology such as an Iphone/ipad app with your event planning and management logistics.

What advice would you share with fellow party planners towards a successful event?

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